PowerG Wireless Outdoor PIR Motion Detector

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PG9994 Wireless PowerG Outdoor PIR Motion detector
The PG9994 is an innovative 2-way wireless outdoor PIR motion detector that comprehensively addresses property owners' security needs for accurate intruder detection with minimum false alarms. The PG9994 features several innovative technologies to overcome demanding outdoor challenges such as rain, direct sunlight, animals, changes of light levels and more. The revolutionary Octa-Quad™ technology, which uses eight PIR sensors, each acting as a Quad detector, enables the PG9994 to accurately and reliably determine whether an alarm is justified.

Advanced Detection Technologies
The PG9994 uses a combination of elliptical parabolic mirror optics. An innovative mirror with extremely high optical gain delivers an extended range and provides superior detection sensitivity.
The PG9994 also applies an advanced motion analysis. A central motion processor analyzes the motion signals detected in each of the individual detectors, taking into account the time, amplitude, background temperature, speed of motion, size of target, and the direction of motion. Then, it compares the signals in relation to adjacent detectors and calculates whether a real alarm is justified based on true motion detected consecutively by the array of individual detectors.

Finally, the PG9994 uses an obsidian black mirror technology. A unique, nickel-based, obsidian-like, reflective surface acts as a selective optical filter of infrared energy. In this way, the PG9994 can virtually eliminate white light interference and increase detection sensitivity.